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Kids & Family Marketing Sessions

Join us for our weekly, 40-minute sessions that explore the latest insights and trends affecting kids and families in today's everchanging world. International experts will talk us through what they think the new world will look like and how we can be best prepared for it.

We will talk about:

What's happening

Covid-19 has dramatically changed the lives of millions of kids and their families establishing new ways of communicating, consuming, learning and having fun. We will get deep into this new reality, analysing consumer behaviours and understanding how we can prepare for, and thrive in, this new world.

Psychological approach

We will dive into kids and families' minds to know what are their current impulses and feelings, in order to better service their expectations and interests.

How should brands react

This new paradigm has set new opportunities for brands to connect with their audience, from the digital to the experiential, so we will analyze the channels and formats that kids and families are engaging with.

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